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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap and .img names

From Simon Eugster livin.shadow at gmail.com on Sun Dec 6 17:32:21 GMT 2009

Good evening,

I'm currently writing a Python script for mkgmap which works on .osm.bz2 
files. It stores the Country Name and Abbreviation for each file, and runs 
tile-splitter and mkgmap to create a Garmin gmapsupp.img.

Now I've got a problem. I would like to skip files that already have been 
processed to a .img file so that, if you want to create a gmapsupp.img 
containing Switzerland and Germany and then one containing Switzerland only 
you don't need to re-process the whole Switzerland file. For that it would 
  simplify my work very much if mkgmap accepted
* either multiple files with the same name but different path, like
* or files with non-8-digit file names like
This should not be a hard thing to do, as far as I see, right? If necessary 
(like if putting multiple .img files into one gmapsupp.img requires the 
source .img files to have different file names) mkgmap should be able to 
rename the .img files internally.

Greetings from Switzerland,

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