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[mkgmap-dev] Routing issue in Hameln

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Thu Dec 3 14:04:10 GMT 2009

Hi Chris,

> And now the reason for my map not using the TRs :
> the missing "--ignore-osm-bounds" !
> So, if I understand correctly :
> when compiling data that comes out of splitter
> --ignore-osm-bounds should not be used, but when
> compiling small areas (from  XAPI or stored from
> JOSM), --ignore-osm-bounds should be used ?

Yes, don't ignore the bounds when the file is produced by the splitter
but in most other cases you probably do want to ignore the bounds. For
example, if you are using josm and you download more than 1 region and
save the multiple regions in a single file, that file will contain
multiple bounds elements, 1 for each of the downloads. If you don't
tell mkgmap to ignore the bounds elements, it just uses one of them (I
think) and so all of the data that falls outside of that 1 bounded area
will get ignored.



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