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[mkgmap-dev] routing oddity

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Thu Dec 3 12:06:09 GMT 2009

On 03.12.2009 12:10, Mark Burton wrote:
> Hi Valentijn,
>> A routing oddity on Mapsource and my Garmin Nuvi:
>> http://osm.org/go/0E6U9XKEb-?layers=0B00FTF
>> When I'm driving on the A1 highway, it always sends me down the
>> motorway_link, then up on the motorway_llink again. Could this be
>> because the bridge over the Weteringweg makes the A1 consist of 3 parts,
>> while driving over the motorway_llink has only 2 (or maybe they're
>> connected in mkgmap, so it's only 1 part?)
>> I'm just guessing wildly here; the routing oddity is always there
>> though, so you might want to take a brief look.
> Yes, weird. I reduced the road_speed for the motorway_link lines to be
> 2 less than the motorway lines and it now avoids the ramps. YMMV.
> Cheers,
> Mark
Well that's what my published patch is supposed to do, keep you on some 
roads if there are too sharp turns. What is sharp is determined by the 

BTW here is an improved patch, that does not show strange route 
descriptions (but then routing on v2 worked slightly faster, but I have 
no problems routing anywhere in Europe on my etrex).
( I also decreased motorway exits resolution, having them at 16 is 
really making map rendering impossibly slow).

There is only one drawback. If used together with shorter distance, then 
arrival times are way off (to slow), on the other hand without this 
patch routing shorter distance did not provide any decent routes anyhow.
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