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[mkgmap-dev] Don't let action rule execute its actions if its type isn't going to be used

From Torsten Leistikow de_muur at gmx.de on Wed Dec 2 15:59:18 GMT 2009


I am glad that the continue statement finally made it into the trunk, but I am
nor sure, when to use this with_actions flag and when not.

And can anybody describe the difference in this regard, between the trunk and
the style-branch?

In my style I have the following lines in the polygon file:
# set access blanking
access=* & access!=yes & highway=*           {set access_blanking=yes}
access=* & access!=yes & railway=*           {set access_blanking=yes}
access=* & access!=yes & landuse=residential {set access_blanking=yes}
access=* & access!=yes & landuse=industrial  {set access_blanking=yes}
access=* & access!=yes & leisure=garden      {set access_blanking=yes}

access=no      & access_blanking!=yes [0x22 resolution 22 continue]
access=private & access_blanking!=yes [0x22 resolution 22 continue]

Now I have an example way with the follwoing tags:

With the style-branch the first rule is executed and the tag access_blanking=yes
is added. All other rules do not match any more afterwards.

With the trunk I get a polygon of the type 0x22, so obviously the first rule has
no effect and the sixth rule is executed.

Do I need to add here some kind of the with_actions flag, so that the example
will work as expected? Or how can this be done with the actual trunk?

I still haven't understood the with_actions flag completely. Can someone please
provide an easy example, wich demonstrates the different results, whether the
with_actions flag is used or not?


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