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[mkgmap-dev] Suggestion: set mkgmap:dead-end-check=no when endpoints have FIXME=*

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Wed Dec 2 12:47:26 GMT 2009

Hi Mark,

On Wed, Dec 02, 2009 at 11:38:56AM +0000, Mark Burton wrote:
> Hi Marko,
> > I came across an incompletely mapped area that has some dead-end oneways,
> > and mkgmap duly complained.  Initially, I "fixed" this with a bogus road
> > that had a FIXME tag, but the original mapper reverted that change.
> > Now I have added fixme=continue to each bogus oneway.  I wanted to suppress
> > the dead-end check if the endpoints of the oneway have FIXME or fixme set,
> > but neither Coord nor CoordNode carry any OSM attributes.  Where could
> > this be achieved?  I would rather not add any mkgmap:dead-end-check=no
> > to the OpenStreetMap repository?  The FIXME would be more universal and
> > also show up in validators.
> Yes, something like that could be done. Not sure about doing it for
> FIXME=*, though because if it said FIXME='not sure about road name'
> or something else that was unrelated to the routing/connectivity of
> the way then disabling the dead end check would not be appropriate.

I actually thought about this.  I would not convert FIXME way attributes
to mkgmap:dead-end-check=no, nor even FIXME attributes on other way nodes
than the endpoints.  A node near a junction could say FIXME=survey if
the crossing way has not been mapped yet.  But if the end node of the way
says FIXME=continue or FIXME=survey, it would make sense to suppress the
dead-end-check for the whole way.

This particular error is not likely to go away in the near future, because
it is at the entrance of an access=private harbour area.  I do not think
that truck drivers are going to contribute traces or time to OSM.

> I don't have a problem with adding mkgmap:dead-end-check=no to the
> GB map but I am not really concerned about someone having a dead end on
> a residential road. So now, I just add mkgmap:dead-end-check=no in my
> style file to all ways that I don't really care about (tracks,
> footpaths, residential, service, etc.)

I have no trouble with --report-dead-ends=1, other than this harbour area.
If I enabled --report-dead-ends=2, I would certainly see some more warnings
and use something like that to suppress errors for highway=service.  I would
not expect to find any other bogus oneways.


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