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[mkgmap-dev] View .img files on a Mac -- Create .tdb from .img

From Clinton Gladstone clinton.gladstone at googlemail.com on Wed Dec 2 12:04:21 GMT 2009

On Dec 2, 2009, at 0:46, Adrian wrote:

> I am trying to view .img files on a Mac using Garmin RoadTrip. (I
> haven't tried using QLandKarte GT because I think it would be a big job
> to build Qt and then QLandKarte GT.)

I have done this using Macports and the QLandKarte GT source, but it took the better part of a day. It's nice to have, but not always necessary.

>  I downloaded a multi-tile
> gmapsupp.img from www.raumbezug.eu and (after processing) RoadTrip
> showed me a blank overview map covering only part of the area in
> question, and no detailed map. The same happened with a multi-tile .img
> from fredericbonifas.free.fr.

One of the main problems that you are encountering is that gmapibuilder was only really designed with mkgmap in mind. Other maps, with different directory structures, etc. are not very well (if at all) supported.

What I usually do is run Garmin's map convert program (a Windows program) on the Mac using Darwine. This is actually fairly easy, and you can run MapSource this way too.

I think others have explained what you have to do with gmapsupp.img files, as this is not even supported by Garmin's Windows programs.


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