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[mkgmap-dev] View .img files on a Mac -- Create .tdb from .img

From Adrian ar2988-os at yahoo.co.uk on Tue Dec 1 23:46:04 GMT 2009

I am trying to view .img files on a Mac using Garmin RoadTrip. (I
haven't tried using QLandKarte GT because I think it would be a big job
to build Qt and then QLandKarte GT.) I am using Mkgmap to create .tdb
and overview .img files and then Gmapi Builder to create an installation
package for RoadTrip. (Incidentally, Java 1.6 is available in Mac OS 10.5
(Leopard). You need to run Utilities/Java Preferences and move Java SE 6
above the other versions of Java in the list.)

I downloaded some .img tiles from Lambertus (garmin.na1400.info) and the
process worked. This saved Lambertus' computer some processing! I
downloaded an archive from openmtbmap.org. This contained a set of .img
tiles, and again the process worked. I downloaded a multi-tile
gmapsupp.img from www.raumbezug.eu and (after processing) RoadTrip
showed me a blank overview map covering only part of the area in
question, and no detailed map. The same happened with a multi-tile .img
from fredericbonifas.free.fr. There may be more than one problem here,
but I noticed that the .tdb files created by Mkgmap only contained a
reference to the last tile. I believe the .tdb file should contain
references to all the tiles.

I downloaded a MapSource package from
sites.google.com/site/talkytoasteruk. This contained a set of .img tiles
and when I ran the process, Gmapi Builder gave an error "Missing part: 0
of" when processing the last tile. The last tile in this package is of a
different nature from the other tiles, so I moved it out of the folder
and reran Mkgmap and Gmapi Builder. When I launched RoadTrip, it quit
straightaway with an error in "TDB_RegionDir.cpp:102". One difference
between these tiles and all the others, is that these were created with
cGPSmapper. So problem could be in cGPSmapper, Mkgmap or Gmapi Builder.
I'm not clear how I could even identify where the problem lies.


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