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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r1410: Add --merge-lines option to combine lines at lower zoom levels.

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Tue Dec 1 20:02:26 GMT 2009

Hi Tino,
> For reference: I've already posted about this in the thread "[PATCH v1] Merge similar lines and ways".
> You'll have to do the merging after the processing of the ways, but before the IMG file is created. As the current code creates the IMG file "on the fly" during processing, there is no "in between" available. I tried to collect all the (half) processed ways in a list, then do the merging and proceed with the processing later. But that turned out to be hard as well, because there is actually no good "in between" point. I didn't succeed in the end, the ways got merged just fine, but the routing broke every time. So yes, I think this is really complex.
I have read your answer in the other thread. I admit that the merging of 
lines would be optimal before generating the routing data.

I think mark does something similar with his 'bogus node patch'. In this 
patch he does some recalculation of nodes after the import of the xml 
and hopefully before generating of routing data. Wouldn't that be the 
first step in the right direction?


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