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[mkgmap-dev] Possibility to not put certain lines into resolution=24, but e.g. only 18 and 20?

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Tue Dec 1 19:21:11 GMT 2009

I think that neither Garmin nor cgpsmapper compiler do this, but would 
there be a possibility to start some lines only in resolution 20, while 
the rest of the map is starting at 24?

Reason being is that I would like to change layout (TYP) at level 19 and 
below for some objects. (namely I display cycleroutes out of center in 
all resolutions, and would like to have them centered in resolution 
20,19 and 18).
(sorry Mark, after the last round of patches you asked if I am ever 

(Furthermore if this is possible, I would probably need an extension to 
the "continue" system, as two identical key combinations don't both work 
with "continue";
or even better a change in code like [0x01 resolution 24,22; 0x10a10 
resolution 20,19,18]. This would also allow people to have nicer maps 
that behave like "google maps/mapnik", where when you zoom in roads get 

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