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[mkgmap-dev] Patch for better Autorouting

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Tue Dec 1 10:58:27 GMT 2009

As announced yesterday - here is a patch against the default-style-file 
to heavily improve Autorouting for cars/motorcycles.

Attached is a patch that should increase Autorouting distance without 
errors in Mapsource by 30-100% (distance as in number of turns). I am 
not sure how the maxspeed is currently handled in mkgmap code. In case 
that maxspeed can actually increase the road_speed, then it has to be 
used with --ignore maxspeed
- Best would be if maxspeed (in case it is tagged) can only decrease 
road_speed, but not increase it - I am not sure whether this is current 

This patch does blows up mapsize by up to 10% - depending how well 
mapped a country is (the better it is mapped, the smaller the increase). 
For Germany it is around 4% size increase. (only 3% if zipped by 7-zip). 
Using it I had no problems routing from South Spain to Northern Poland 
in Mapsource and several other as long distances, Map rendering time 
does not significantly increase.

I additionally put add bicycle=no; add foot=no for trunk roads, as in 
99% of cases you are not allowed to use them as a cyclist/foot (nor 
would you like to) - at least in Europe.
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