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[mkgmap-dev] mdr address index with gmapsupp and macroadtrip installers

From Clinton Gladstone clinton.gladstone at googlemail.com on Mon Nov 30 20:32:43 GMT 2009

On Nov 30, 2009, at 16:08, Nolan Clifford wrote:

> Could anyone post the two calls they make to mkgmap and gmapi-builder.py and specify what data set they were successful with from the point of view of getting Address Search to work in Roadtrip?  Preferably data from the Geofabrik extracts repository.  I have not been able to get Roadtrip or a Etrex Vista to search addresses yet.  At this stage, I just want to be able to replicate what someone else has done so I can track down where my problem might be.

I tried compiling the Geofabrik extract of Ireland, and could not get the address search to function correctly. I used the same options which I use for my map of Germany; address search works (more or less) for Germany. I also tried the same map of Ireland in MapSource: the address search also did not work correctly, so I think you can rule out gmapi-builder, Roadtrip, and Mac OS as factors.

Both MapSource and Roadtrip attempted to search for address data, so I believe that the index generation worked correctly. In MapSource I could properly select streets and cities from the search dialog box, but it still could not find anything. Both programs crashed when I attempted to find a city.

I don't know enough about mdr and mdx file formats, so I can't attempt an analysis. I assume that there is either missing address information in the Ireland map, or that something has gone wrong in the index creation.

Sorry I could not help more. 

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