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[mkgmap-dev] Don't let action rule execute its actions if its type isn't going to be used

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Sun Nov 29 23:39:23 GMT 2009

Hi Clinton,

> Thanks, but what I was having trouble understanding is the stopping of actions when the type isn't going to be used. That is, where would 'with_actions' be necessary, and what is the consequence of not having this set?

The problem was that the actions, e.g. { set foo='bah' }, were always
being executed even if the rule ended up being skipped because it had a
continue keyword and it was not the first time the rule list was being
scanned (for the particular way in question that was being processed at
the time).

So now, the default is that the actions will be skipped if the rule
doesn't get used unless you specify "with_actions".

I grappled with various combinations of words to come up with something
that wasn't too long that meant "do the rule's actions even though this
rule is not going to supply the garmin type and/or road class/speed". I
thought that was a bit long winded. So now, I think that

 [... continue with_actions]

reads OK.



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