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[mkgmap-dev] Errors description

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at jemila.jazztel.es on Sun Nov 29 23:11:17 GMT 2009

I'm planning to put a list of the errors detected by mkgmap during map
generation on my download page to get more people involved fixing them.
Below is the text I'll include in the readme file of the download to ask
you for suggestions/improvements on it.

This is a short description of the errors listed in the files contained
in errors.zip. All these errors can cause routing to fail. For each
error listed, ID of the wrong element and a link to download the area
into JOSM or view it in a web browser is given. If you want to improve
the quality of the maps, please spend some time fixing some of these errors.
Roundabouts.txt: Roundabout XXX starts/ends/forks at...: indicates that
a way or a set of ways tagged as junction=roundabout is/are not closed
or has a portion going out/coming in the roundabout.
Flares.txt: this file groups different problems affecting the roads that
connect a roundabout with other roads.
Arcs.txt: Similar arcs XXX and YYY at...: indicates that XXX and YYY
ways are overlapping.
Oneway_roads.txt: this file groups different problems affecting oneway
roads, going to/coming from nowhere.
Turn_restriction.txt: this file groups different problems affecting turn
restrictions. Problems can be the lack or excess of any of the turn
restriction elements or some of them not connecting.
Motorway_exits.txt: motorway_junction nodes must be placed on roads with
a ref tag, in order to process them correctly as motorway exits. This
file collects those motorway exits positioned on ways lacking ref tag.

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