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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r1410: Add --merge-lines option to combine lines at lower zoom levels.

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Sun Nov 29 22:47:38 GMT 2009

Felix Hartmann wrote:
> svn commit wrote:
>> Version 1410 was commited by markb on 2009-11-29 19:18:02 +0000 (Sun, 
>> 29 Nov 2009)
>> Add --merge-lines option to combine lines at lower zoom levels.
>> Also adds --reduce-point-density option to set the error distance used
>> by the Douglas Peucker line simplifying filter.
>> Patch by Johann Gail.
>> Trivial mods by me to options text and also to disable the DP filter
>> when --reduce-point-density=0 is specified.
> Actually I just noticed a but that sometimes happens when using this. 
> Routing in Mapsource can get broken if not in resolution 24. So once 
> you zoom out, and point with the mouse somewhere, the tooltip shows up 
> somewhere else!
> If this is pretty close, you will instead be routed to somewhere else, 
> or clicking into the map makes no routing at all.
> I can remember that the "wrong" tooltip location happend around one 
> year ago with mkgmap too. It was then solved later on (don't ask my 
> when, was it the introduction of routing?), maybe with 1410 we have 
> run into that error again.
> - I'm currently trying out if any particular option is responsible for 
> this, or if this new revision is the cause for the failure (upon 
> closer inspection I noticed the same problem for "patch v8" - simply 
> overlooked it before).
Okay, the merge-lines seems to be responsible for it! - However also 
very aggressive dp filter settings might cause the tooltip to show up 
slighltly away from the mouse (the tooltip will show up where the road 
would be in resolution 24) - however only when using --merge-lines the 
tooltip distance gets so great that sometimes it actually breaks using 
the routing tool in Mapsource. Aggressive dp filter alone (=10) cause no 
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