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[mkgmap-dev] Simplifying ways

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Sat Nov 28 22:38:14 GMT 2009

Mark Burton schrieb:
> Hi Felix (cc Johann)
>> Just as a follow up, I noticed that the v8 patch (simplify ...) - 
>> actually routing over long distances in Mapsource became worse. Some 
>> routes I can calculate without using this patch, don't calculate with 
>> the patch anymore.
> You posted this comment with a subject line related to "remove bogus
> nodes" but I guess you're really talking about the latest patch from
> Johann.
'v8 patch (simplify) is really missleading. I too was unsure, which 
patch you meant.

> If you're saying that with that patch some long distance routing is
> broken it doesn't surprise me. I haven't looked at the patch in detail
> but my initial impression is that it can't work because it joins up
> line segments that "belong" to different roads. Here's my reasoning:
> Basically, each routable road generates 2 data items:
> 1 - the routing data (nodes and arcs used to calculate routes)
> 2 - the graphical line data (what you see on the screen)
> So if a route across the country uses, say, 4 different roads (for
> this discussion assume the roads just connect one end to the other
> without side roads) then there will be 4 arcs in the route. On the
> screen, the line segments for the 4 roads will be displayed. There is a
> one-to-one correspondence between the displayed lines and the
> underlying routing arcs. In fact, there is a real linkage between the
> line data and the routing info.
Thanks for explaining that in detail. I am fully aware of the fact, that 
there is a one to one linking between the routing data and the drawing 
data. But to my understanding, this linking exists only in resolution 
24, not in lower resolutions.
(Or is there really routing information with lower resolution?? I doubt 
that strongly.)
> The simplify patch in it's current form reduces the number of drawn
> lines by merging the graphical line data. It doesn't (unless I am
> mistaken) merge the routing information. So now there is no-longer a
> one-to-one correspondence between the displayed line(s) and the
> underlying routing arcs.
Yes, you're right. My patch tries only to merge draing data. The initial 
intention was only to speedup drawing on the etrexes. I could not 
imagine how to merge routing data. In my opinion it should be absolutely 
not neccessary to 'merge' rounting data, as there should be no mergable 
arcs existing. If such nodes would exist, this would mean, that there is 
a arc connecting exactly two lines of same type. This would mean a node 
in the middle of road. This should not exist or at least filtered out in 
previous stages. (Ignoring the special case of splitted arcs)
> Imagine that in our 4 road route, the 3 following roads are merged
> into the first. So now we have 1 graphical entity but we still have 4
> arcs. The linkage from the remaining line relates to the 1st arc only
> even though the graphical line spans the whole route.
> As I said, I haven't studied the patch in detail. I could be wrong.
Seems you missed the important fact, that the merging takes place only 
at resolutions <=23. As far as I understand the whole thing, line data 
at lower resolutions is used only for displaying.
Please correct me, if I'm wrong.
In this case the merging would have to take place before generating of 
routing tables. Another coder has tried it (can't find the thread at the 
moment), but this is also unfinished work.


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