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[mkgmap-dev] Splitter 103

From Lambertus osm at na1400.info on Sat Nov 28 17:22:33 GMT 2009

Chris Miller wrote:
> I've just checked in some further changes to the splitter that some of you 
> may be interested in. It now has support for the <bounds/> tag in OSM files. 
> The splitter will now ensure the resultant split OSM files all fall within 
> the <bounds/> specified in the source file. The advantage is that it means 
> the splitter can be called recursively without growing the tile borders. 
> If for example one of the OSM files generated is too big to process via mkgmap 
> successfully, you can run the splitter on it again with a smaller --max-nodes 
> value to split it further, and all tile boundaries will meet up nicely without 
> overlapping any of the other tiles. Previously that wasn't the case.
> I've also added a --status-freq parameter that will cause the splitter to 
> periodically output elapsed time and memory status information. This defaults 
> to 120 seconds, you can disable it if you want with --status-freq=0.
> Enjoy,
> Chris
Thanks a lot for this new feature Chris! It makes automatic map 
generation so much easier.

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