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[mkgmap-dev] access=no on a cycleway doesn't work?

From Toby Speight T.M.Speight.90 at cantab.net on Tue Nov 24 17:24:56 GMT 2009

0> In article <4B0B98CF.9070208 at gmail.com>,
0> Felix Hartmann <URL:mailto:extremecarver at googlemail.com> ("Felix") wrote:

Felix> If there is a footway with smoothness=very_bad
Felix> Only one of the above rules will be enacted.
Felix> If you want that both happens, you have to put a rule:
Felix> smoothness=very_bad & highway=footway {add access = no; add foot = yes,......}
Felix> As the first rule matches, no other unconditional rule will be enacted
Felix> on a way/line.  Only a condition [0x*...] rule will match again.

Ah, I understand now.  Thanks for explaining it for me.

That's a bit of a nuisance, really.  ;-(

0> In article <4B0BF8F4.20307 at gmx.de>,
0> Torsten Leistikow <URL:mailto:de_muur at gmx.de> ("Torsten") wrote:

Torsten> You could take a look at the style-branch, which deals with
Torsten> this problem.  Unfortunatly this branch does not solve the
Torsten> problem completely and there isn't much work in progress on
Torsten> this topic at the moment.

That's certainly interesting to me.  I don't suppose there's a wiki page
that documents what problems it's trying to solve, and what approach is
taken?  If not, I'm willing to start one, with my own ideas, and ask for

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