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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v2] - round coordinates when zoomed out

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Fri Nov 20 21:57:03 GMT 2009

v2 - also removes points with the same coordinates as the previous
point. I know that this also gets done by the DP filter but it's very
easy to do while rounding the coordinates and it does shrink the number
of points to be processed by subsequent filters. This version of the
patch should produce the same map as v1 of the patch.

Unless anyone has any problems with this patch, I intend to commit it
in a few days as I think the line gap-filling is worthwhile.


Having filled some gaps with that last little patch, I was wondering
why I still had quite a few gaps when zoomed out. Obviously, the coords
weren't being rounded to nearest given the zoom level. So, the
attached patch does that rounding and, lo and behold, even more gaps
have disappeared. 

Please give it a go, especially for maps that cross the equator/day
line where the coords flip signs. Sure to be buggy but it's looking
quite promising.

BTW - this patch does not contain the last patch but they probably
should be used together.

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