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[mkgmap-dev] Bug with background Polygon

From garvan.maew at online.com.kh garvan.maew at online.com.kh on Thu Nov 19 04:28:35 GMT 2009

Quoting Felix Hartmann <extremecarver at googlemail.com>:

> garvan.maew at online.com.kh wrote:
>> Quoting Felix Hartmann <extremecarver at googlemail.com>:
>>> When creating maps from mp format, I think that mkgmap adds duplicate
>>> 0x4b background polygon. (if I create a map with mkgmap, then open the
>>> .img with mapedit and save as mp, and recreate with mkgmap, it has two
>>> times background polygon set).
>>> - according to Popej, the author from gmaptool, it should even be
>>> possible to create maps without background polygon at all.
>>> _______________________________________________
>> I did not notice this problem, but perhaps you missed one step?   
>> After  you import the img file into gpsmapedit you must select
>> file->Select->By Type
>> from the menu and select the background (0x004b-polygon-other-Map    
>> coverage area) and delete it.
>> Garvan
> Yeah I missed that step, but I find it strange that this has to be
> done. Still it would not be possible to create maps without any
> background polygon at all, as mkgmap will put another.

Use the --transparent switch for no background polygon.


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