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[mkgmap-dev] NSIS patch v2

From Lambertus osm at na1400.info on Mon Nov 16 12:32:31 GMT 2009

If anyone wants to use the --nsis option, make sure to set a 
--family-id, otherwise the maps won't show up in MapSource. The 
family-name is copied from the description if you

After running an NSIS installer exe made using this new option I get a 
message from Vista "This program might not have installed correctly", 
but MapSource works fine. Looking into this further, I think this is 
caused by the installer not adding an application in the add/remove 
program list. I'll try to look at this a bit better this evening.

Something else, is this NSIS script supposed work with 64bit versions?

Nakor wrote:
>> Its OK to error out on a missing tdb file as that is not optional, but
>> you should probably detect the presence of a mdr file though and
>> adjust omit it from the file.  I'll have to add the ability to detect
>> MDR files to FileInfo.
>> You should also take account of the product-id too.
>> I will commit the patch, thanks!
> Please find attached a modified version of the NSIS output. Changes are:
> * Takes in account the product-id
> * Now detects if an index was generated and needs to be pakcaged
> * .nsi file uses defines at its beginning to allow easier customization 
> if needed (i.e. if the user wants to re-use the NSIS file and modify 
> some values)
> * Added a page for displaying the license on the data
>  Thanks,
> N.
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