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[mkgmap-dev] Line/Polygon outside of the map area

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Mon Nov 16 08:29:55 GMT 2009

Hi Mark,

> At this time, the only way to avoid the warnings is to comment out the
> line in the source code that's producing them!

I see that you disabled it in a later commit.

My laptop's power supply failed, and I had to migrate to an older laptop,
which my wife is using.  (So, I will have to cut back my mapping activities
for a couple of weeks, because I cannot use a computer during evenings.)

Because copying the files was no fun at USB 1.1 speed, I kept interrupting
the rsync process and adding --exclude parameters.  This left my map
translation directory with an incomplete gmapsupp.img file.  To my great
surprise, mkgmap reported "Could not create gmapsupp file" at the very
end of the run.  I tried several revisions, and all failed in the same
way.  In the end, I removed the offending gmapsupp.img and reran mkgmap

> It's all to do with how polygons (and lines) are split when they extend
> across multiple subdivisions in the map. Now it may be that the test
> that is producing the error message can be removed and those polygons
> that it thinks are outside of the map area can continue to be processed
> like they were before I put the test in. In fact, you could try that
> and see if any other messages appear. So if you go to line 121 of
> MapArea.java and make the test in the if statement true then those
> messages would go away and I would be interested to learn if you get
> any other messages instead.

I might do that later, when I get my own laptop back.  The substitute is
much slower, because it is several years older.

Best regards,


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