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[mkgmap-dev] Line/Polygon outside of the map area

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Sat Nov 14 09:48:51 GMT 2009

Hi Marko,

> I am getting these warnings with r1387 on Geofabrik's finland.osm.bz2 from
> this morning (2009-11-14).  I have not seen this kind of warnings before,
> but I think that something similar was reported on this list a couple of
> days ago.
> What are these, and how to avoid them?  Should mkgmap do a better job of
> joining coast line segments?  I checked the first two warnings, and the
> lines or polygons are not near to the bounding box of Finland.  They do
> not seem to be close to the tile boundaries either:

At this time, the only way to avoid the warnings is to comment out the
line in the source code that's producing them!

It's all to do with how polygons (and lines) are split when they extend
across multiple subdivisions in the map. Now it may be that the test
that is producing the error message can be removed and those polygons
that it thinks are outside of the map area can continue to be processed
like they were before I put the test in. In fact, you could try that
and see if any other messages appear. So if you go to line 121 of
MapArea.java and make the test in the if statement true then those
messages would go away and I would be interested to learn if you get
any other messages instead.

Let's just say that it's work in progress.



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