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[mkgmap-dev] add info-letters for

From Gert Münzel Gert.Muenzel at netcologne.de on Thu Nov 12 15:28:21 GMT 2009

Felix Hartmann wrotes 
*on* /Thu Nov 12 13:31:24 GMT 2009/
> It shouldn't once the first rule matches, the second won't be used any 
> more. Of course the second rule will not harm either.
This i red also on the styles rules-page in OSMWiki and e.g.

highway=* {name '${ref|highway-symbol:oval:6:4}${name}' | 
'${ref|highway-symbol:oval}' | '${name}'}
highway=* {name '${ref|highway-symbol:box:6:4}${name}' | 
'${ref|highway-symbol:box}' | '${name}' }

results as expected in a label with oval highway shield and the second 
rule is ignored.

But with

highway=* & maxheight>0 {set nameheight='H=${maxheight}'}
highway=* & maxheight>0 {name 
'${nameheight|highway-symbol:box:6:4}${name}' | 
'${ref|highway-symbol:box}' | '${name}'}

both  actions will be applied althought it's the same rule. According to 
your explanation only the temporary tag should be set but the second 
line not be taken.

I have put both actions in to one rule :
highway=* & maxheight>0 {set nameheight='H=${maxheight}' ; name 
'${nameheight|highway-symbol:box:6:4}${name}' | 
'${ref|highway-symbol:box}' | '${name}' }

This gives me the same result as with the two lines above.

May be it's simply an accident caused by ??? or couldn't it be that in 
some circumstances, the analysis of the rules will be handled different.

cheers Gert

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