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[mkgmap-dev] add info-letters for

From Clinton Gladstone clinton.gladstone at googlemail.com on Thu Nov 12 00:24:23 GMT 2009

On Nov 11, 2009, at 23:56, Felix Hartmann wrote:

> My command looks like this:
> ....... | '${name} ${extremecarver${mtb:scale}${mtb:scale:uphill}|highway-symbol:box:6:5}' | .....
> ${extremecarver} is set via the relations file, mtb:scale and mtb:scale:uphill are from osm data. ${extremecarver} is a three letter code and mtb:scale / mtb:scale/uphill single digits (0-5).
> However the above will not work but instead the whole line is dropped and even the naming will be incorrect - while it does work if I don't try to put it into a highway symbol. 
> | '${name} ${extremecarver}${mtb:scale}${mtb:scale:uphill}' |

I think the parser cannot deal with the nesting of other variables in ${extremecarver...}. That is why the second example works, with all three examples separate.

Now, if I recall correctly, the highway symbol code always needs to be the first character in a label. If this is true, the following should work:


This will work provided the mtb:... tags do not contain any spaces, and extremecarver fulfills the 6:5 criterium. (Note that I also removed the name at the beginning, because that would prevent the shield from being displayed. Put that in the display_name or something.)

Does this help?


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