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[mkgmap-dev] add info-letters for

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Wed Nov 11 22:56:56 GMT 2009

Clinton Gladstone wrote:
> On Nov 11, 2009, at 19:26, Jan Tappenbeck wrote:
>> highway=* & maxheight>0 {name 'h= ${maxheight|subst: 
>> |highway-symbol:hbox}'} [0x01 resolution 12]
> I think the subst: filter is replacing maxheight with an empty string. I'm not sure you want that statement there.
> Cheers.
> _______________________________________________
Do you think it is only the subst: code?
The latter example that I tried does not work either:

In case that there is not ref for a street and it is part of a mtb/cycle 
route I would like to display a custom text inside the highway symbol - 
but can't get it to work.
My command looks like this:
....... | '${name} 
| .....

${extremecarver} is set via the relations file, mtb:scale and 
mtb:scale:uphill are from osm data. ${extremecarver} is a three letter 
code and mtb:scale / mtb:scale/uphill single digits (0-5).
However the above will not work but instead the whole line is dropped 
and even the naming will be incorrect - while it does work if I don't 
try to put it into a highway symbol.
| '${name} ${extremecarver}${mtb:scale}${mtb:scale:uphill}' |

This is in effect the same code as used by default ( 
${ref|highway-symbol:oval:6:4} )

Just with some more other input instead of "ref"
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