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[mkgmap-dev] set display name problem ( Error in style: Error: (lines:14): Unrecognised command 'display_name', Could not open style null )

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Wed Nov 11 21:47:04 GMT 2009

Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> On 09/11/09 18:04, Felix Hartmann wrote:
>> I would like to set up display name with lines in my style-file like
>> highway=tertiary { display_name '${name}' | 'tertiary' } [0x04 ........]
>> however currently this is impossible. Could someone adapt mkgmap to
>> treat display_name processing like "name" processing?
> I can add the list of alternatives to all set and add commands:
>    add display_name = '${name}' | 'tertiary';
> Is that what you want?  I think that would be useful elsewhere anyway.
Hi Steve, could you do please commit that? I have run into problems that 
won't work without "|" because I would like to exchange "ref" so simply 
using add won't work and set neither, because I don't know whether the 
combinations of things I want to use do exist.

Best however would be a command to append labels like { append name 
'${ref}' } that would replace the current command
{ name '${name} {ref}' | '${name}' | '${ref}' }. In case that nothing in 
the append name '' exists then it will not be carried out. In case that 
some exist, only those existing should be placed.
> Currently you can do this, which I think does what you want but more 
> verbose:
>   highway=tertiary {
>    add display_name = '${name}';
>    add display_name = 'tertiary'; } [0x04 ... ]
> In other cases that wouldn't work, for example if display_name was
> already set, but you wanted to append to it for example.
> There is also the issue that if there is a NET section a road can have 
> up to four names, which cannot be expressed in the style file currently.
> ..Steve
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