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[mkgmap-dev] Route calculation error introduced in r1337:1343

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Tue Nov 10 20:42:53 GMT 2009

Hi Mark,

About a week ago, I began experiencing route calculation errors on the
Edge 705.  I cannot calculate a bicycle or walking route from my home
(2 km east from the Korso railway stop) to the Pasila railway station
or the center of Helsinki (a few km further south).

Because a Nüvi user complained about broken car routing west from Helsinki,
with no obvious error in the OSM data, I decided to test earlier versions
of mkgmap.  Dropping the option --adjust-turn-headings did not make any
difference.  I just rebuilt and tested the following mkgmap revisions:

r1319: ok
r1331: ok
r1337: ok
r1343: route calculation error

In addition to these, I have built (broken) maps with r1344, r1362, and r1364.

Should I track down the earliest buggy revision, or is the r1337:1343 range
of revisions specific enough?

Best regards,


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