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[mkgmap-dev] remove-short-arcs config bug

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Tue Nov 10 14:44:13 GMT 2009

Hi Ralf,

> There seems to be a bug in the way the config file for mkgmap is read. All
> options I tried can be switched on with "=yes" and off with "=no". E.g.:
> transparent=no
> tdbfile=yes
> route=yes
> If I try the same with the remove-short-arcs option (i.e.
> "remove-short-arcs=yes") I get an error for r1364. If I put
> "remove-short-arcs" on a line without "=yes" it works.

From the mkgmap options help:

	Merge nodes to remove short arcs that can cause routing
	problems. If MinLength is specified (in metres), arcs shorter
	than that length will be removed. If a length is not
	specified, only zero-length arcs will be removed.

It expects a number, not yes/no/whatever.



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