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[mkgmap-dev] set display name problem ( Error in style: Error: (lines:14): Unrecognised command 'display_name', Could not open style null )

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Mon Nov 9 23:55:30 GMT 2009


> just tried the patch - it got along further but ultimately still crashed 
> on producing the tile (I try not to use --keep-going because I would 
> then maybe miss big big errors).

My mistake, I have just committed something that I missed the other day.

With r1364 and the patch I posted this evening, it should report
assertions but not bomb. Those assertions should not be for roads, just
for lines and shapes.

I take back what I said, do try it because I don't think I have enough
energy to work on this tonight. It needs more thought and my brain
can't cope with it now.



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