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[mkgmap-dev] set display name problem ( Error in style: Error: (lines:14): Unrecognised command 'display_name', Could not open style null )

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Mon Nov 9 22:52:56 GMT 2009

Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> On 09/11/09 18:04, Felix Hartmann wrote:
>> I would like to set up display name with lines in my style-file like
>> highway=tertiary { display_name '${name}' | 'tertiary' } [0x04 ........]
>> however currently this is impossible. Could someone adapt mkgmap to
>> treat display_name processing like "name" processing?
> I can add the list of alternatives to all set and add commands:
>    add display_name = '${name}' | 'tertiary';
> Is that what you want?  I think that would be useful elsewhere anyway.
> Currently you can do this, which I think does what you want but more 
> verbose:
>   highway=tertiary {
>    add display_name = '${name}';
>    add display_name = 'tertiary'; } [0x04 ... ]
> In other cases that wouldn't work, for example if display_name was
> already set, but you wanted to append to it for example.
Okay, didn't know I can use the same "command (add key) twice with";"  
but it would do for a start.

Appending  however would be a truly great feature. My standard naming 
for any type of road is like the following - and then depending on the 
type I change the structure a bit. An append command would make the 
below much simpler and cleaner.

name '${ref|highway-symbol:hbox:6:4} ${name} ${route_name} 
${extremecarver1}' | '${ref|highway-symbol:hbox:6:4} ${route_name} 
${extremecarver1}' | '${ref|highway-symbol:hbox:6:4} ${name} 
${extremecarver1}' | '${ref|highway-symbol:hbox:6:4} ${extremecarver1}' 
| '${name} ${route_name} ${extremecarver1}' | '${name} 
${extremecarver1}' | '${route_name} ${extremecarver1}' | 
'${extremecarver1}' | '${ref|highway-symbol:box:6:4} ${name} 
${route_name} ${extremecarver}' | '${ref|highway-symbol:box:6:4} 
${route_name} ${extremecarver}' | '${ref|highway-symbol:box:6:4} ${name} 
${extremecarver}' | '${ref|highway-symbol:box:6:4} ${extremecarver}' | 
'${name} ${route_name} ${extremecarver}' | '${name} ${extremecarver}' | 
'${route_name} ${extremecarver}' | '${extremecarver}' | 
'${ref|highway-symbol:oval:6:4} ${name} ${route_name}' 
|'${ref|highway-symbol:oval:6:4} ${route_name}' | '${name} 
${route_name}' |'${route_name}' |'${ref|highway-symbol:oval:6:4} 
${name}' | '${name}' | '${ref|highway-symbol:oval:6:4}' }

you can imagine that adding append command would save me lots of trouble 
(even though it is copy paste only)...

Appending would be especially great to be used from the relations file.
> There is also the issue that if there is a NET section a road can have 
> up to four names, which cannot be expressed in the style file currently.
That is interesting - what are the names used for?
It would be really great to have several tooltips available. I noticed 
that the highway-symbol seems to be using its own tool tip.
name 1 is {name} {ref}| {name} | {ref} and would also be the tool tip 
and be printed on the map
name 2 I would use to put the naming inside for the routing instruction, 
this would be something like {name} {name_from_relation} {ref} 
{mtb:scale}{mtb:scale:uphill} ....
name 3 I would use to display on tooltip only addiditional attibutes 
like surface, mtb:scale, tracktype,...
name 4 could be used to show in verbose text like mtb:description , 
on/off hours for ferries, ....

there is nothing in net section to show long descriptions like for POI 
is there? That way one could even add short texts to relations so to 
have a "basic travelguide"....
And for the default style-file putting service hours for ferries, or 
gondolas would be great. This would be a for now unique feature for 
Garmin maps.
> ..Steve
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