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[mkgmap-dev] set display name problem ( Error in style: Error: (lines:14): Unrecognised command 'display_name', Could not open style null )

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Mon Nov 9 18:04:33 GMT 2009

I would like to set up display name with lines in my style-file like
highway=tertiary { display_name '${name}' | 'tertiary' } [0x04 ........]

however currently this is impossible. Could someone adapt mkgmap to 
treat display_name processing like "name" processing?
The reason for this is that adding lengthier text to name clutters up 
the map, but display_name will not be printed out, but only given for 
turn instructions and on the tool tip - which is exactly what I would need.

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