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[mkgmap-dev] some bad routing

From Chris-Hein Lunkhusen chris66nrw at gmx.de on Fri Nov 6 09:27:48 GMT 2009

Martin Simon schrieb:

> Sadly, out-of-the-box mkgmap seems to ignore the "vehicle" and
> "motor_vehicle" classes, although in many cases, they allow much simpler and
> cleaner tagging of access restrictions (such as the "all vehicle forbidden
> except for agricultural use" in your example).
> In my style-file, (as far as i remember) i translated
> "vehicle=no/agricultural/private" to "motorcar=no" and "bicycle=no",
> "motor_vehicle=no/agricultural/private" to "motorcar=no".
> This gives good results, but it would be cool if mkgmap could do this
> internally. :-)

Yes, the taggers are very creative in inventing new tags for access.
I already saw a vehicle=delivery or vehicle=forestry or
motorcycle=agricultural. ;-)


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