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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v2] - fix routing problems caused by way's bbox being too large

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Tue Nov 3 20:05:43 GMT 2009

Hi Marko,

> Geofabrik's finland.osm.bz2 from this morning processed fine.  The
> mkgmap.log.0 (with the patch) and mkgmap.log.1 (without) are of the same
> size, and after grepping away the noise, the same three (already fixed)
> errors remain.

> I did not test the map in a device yet.  Should I?

That would be good if you can.

> > The reduction in size of the polygon bbox could possibly make a
> > difference to some large polygons (could this help with the sea areas?)
> I have not enabled the generation of sea polygons.

I don't generate sea polygons either but it occurred to me that they
could be big enough to be influenced by the bug I fixed. Perhaps
someone will see if it has made a difference.



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