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[mkgmap-dev] how to use geonames-file option?

From Chris Miller chris.miller at kbcfp.com on Tue Nov 3 10:20:43 GMT 2009

Hi Felix,

I've been away from splitter/mkgmap for a while so I may be wrong, but last 
I recall support for kml files was on the todo list for mkgmap but hadn't 
been implemented yet(?). If mkgmap does support kml files, perhaps it doesn't 
process the <description> tag correctly? What happens if you try running 
mkgmap with areas.list instead of a kml file?


FH> Now I would like that the file testkml is used to determine
FH> input-filefor mkgmap and set the area name (if country-abbr is set
FH> also that isfine too as it is present in the kml file). No matter
FH> what options Igive testkml is not used. Am I trying to do something
FH> which is notpossible yet, or am I overlooking something (If I just
FH> feed mkgmapusing the splittet files, output is indifferent whether
FH> or not I amusing the geonames-file option on splitter)?

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