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[mkgmap-dev] Does road segmentation influence routing?

From Nakor nakor.wp at gmail.com on Tue Nov 3 02:26:55 GMT 2009

Mark Burton wrote:
> Hi Nakor,
>> I was driving north on I-75 around
>> http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=42.9038214683533&lon=-83.6452031135559&zoom=16and
>> when I approached exit 109, my GPS indicated to stay on the left. This
>> is a motorway with a motorway_link going out of it as usual and I was
>> wondering why I ot that message? Would it be because the motorway is split
>> by a bridge just one node south of the junction?
> Had you specified the --adjust-turn-headings option? If not, please try
> using it because that's one of the situations where it should be able
> to help. I was getting similar instructions on UK motorways but with
> that option enabled, they went away.

I tried to re-route thru therebut I cannot see it anymore. Would it be 
that I actually need to drive over there to see that particular message?



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