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[mkgmap-dev] help with --index

From Bennie du Plessis bennied008 at gmail.com on Mon Nov 2 15:08:54 GMT 2009

>Ok, I retried with V1340 and use the same options like Felix
>i.e. --index and --location-autofill=1, now
>I can search in MS.
>I've send Felix' openmtbmap to the Nuvi 250, but this device
>is still asking for a State/Provinz and no search is possible.
Maybe this is GPS related. I use a Nuvi200W
Or else there is something missing in our OSM data that the rest have?
Which country are you using? Is there any address data in the OSM data?
I wish I could test my maps on another GPS to confirm.
Or test someone elses map on my GPS.
I have downloaded openmtbmap.org Berlin map and will try it tonight. Don't
know if it was created with --index though.
"Felix' openmtbmap"? Is that from openmtbmap.org? Which map? was it created
with --index and did address search work on his GPS?
In the mean time I try lots of different option combinations. Maybe I get
lucky- I will inform you if it happens and I can determine what made it
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