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[mkgmap-dev] Good news for Nakor!

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Mon Nov 2 12:43:03 GMT 2009

Hi Felix,
> I just tried a way with ~240 nodes (using max 300) and it routed 
> perfectly fine. I think we can actually safely incease this value....
> max 80 did degrade routing over long distances (though I don't think 
> there are many ways with more than 200 nodes without intersection or 
> change in attributes (routing works without any probs on this testmap): 
> find attached map base as osm.

Yes, I know that many ways that have lots of points route perfectly OK
so it's not the number of points per se that is causing the
routing issue. However, restricting the number of points an arc can
have does fix the routing issue that has been reported to me.

So in the long term, we probably don't need to limit the number of
points in an arc but until we know what the real issue is here, it's
the only way of fixing a particular routing problem that someone is
having with their map.

You probably saw my reply to Chris just now, it contains a patch that
should make a better job of limiting the number of points per arc.
Could you be so kind as to try it out and report any goodness/badness?



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