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[mkgmap-dev] How many output files?

From Nop ekkehart at gmx.de on Mon Nov 2 01:15:22 GMT 2009


Steve Ratcliffe schrieb:
> On 01/11/09 21:51, Nop wrote:
>> Normally, I always got 1 .img output file for each .osm input file when
>> running mkgmap (+1 overview map).
> That should be still the case.  I still see one .img for every .osm 
> file.  What options are you using and what are the names of the .img 
> files that you are not expecting?

Usually, I get 88220001.img through 88220176.img, in this case mkgmap 
produced 88220001.img through 88220352.img, but with no obvious 
duplicates. I could not reproduce this weird behaviour, all successive 
calls created 176 files as expected.

But on a different note: The size of the .imgs has doubled since I last 
updated them and it barely fits into a 1GB SD card. How much space does 
the --index data take? Is there a way to leave out the indices and/or 
some other data to create leaner image files? I am working on a topo 
map, so I really only need the geometry and the searches are secondary.


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