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[mkgmap-dev] AssertionError: NET 1 offset too large (was: Re: Creating defect tiles.)

From Robert Joop 8500547528183gmap at rainbow.in-berlin.de on Sat Oct 31 15:28:17 GMT 2009

On 09-10-30 18:47:07 CET, dom wrote:
> I tried it out again with assertions and I got the following error.
> Doing europe.osm map now...
> java.lang.AssertionError: NET 1 offset too large
>     at
> uk.me.parabola.imgfmt.app.net.RoadDef.writeRgnOffsets(RoadDef.java:322)

i get the same error, with two different combinations of splitter and
i've cut a bbox (left=5.5 bottom=46.5 right=15 top=55, that's roughly
DE and AT) from the last planet.osm using osmosis 0.30.

the assertion fails with both
- splitter r97 and mkgmap trunk r1334
- splitter r74 and mkgmap trunk r1144 + sea5 patch

the latter worked fine before with other large bbox excerpts from older

producing maps from smaller extracts works fine with both combinations.

the splitter was given a --max-nodes=1000000.

any ideas?


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