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[mkgmap-dev] access=no on a cycleway doesn't work?

From Federico Cozzi f.cozzi at gmail.com on Fri Oct 30 21:07:47 GMT 2009

I am not subscribed to the list but I read an interesting message by
Marko Mäkelä in the archive which I quote here:
> In my neighbourhood there's a highway=cycleway that is currently blocked
> due to construction works. As the cycleway is still there (the cycleway
> itself is not under construction), I tagged it access=no. However,
> mkgmap still tries to route me over it.
> Is that because styles file saying: "highway=cycleway {add access = no;
> add bicycle = yes;"  ?
Or just use the "native" tags, but explicitly translate "access" to the
vehicle-class tags and do not treat "access" specially in the core, e.g.,
access=no { add bicycle=no; add foot=no; add motorcar=no; add taxi=no; ... }

I do not know how mkgmap internally works, but I think that "access"
should not even belong to the core! As far as I know Garmin maps only
handle a fixed number of vehicle classes (e.g. motorcar, taxi,
bicycle, etc.), not a general purpose catch-all vehicle class.
Therefore the style file should say:

access = no {add motorcar = no; add taxi = no; add bicycle = no; ...}
highway = cycleway {add motorcar=no; add taxi=no; add bicycle = yes; ...}

This way, a standard highway=cycleway with no additional tags would
get bicycle=yes (and everything else = no); a highway=cycleway with
access=no would get bicycle = no (and also everything else = no)


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