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[mkgmap-dev] Routing issue with mkgmap appeared since 1188

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Fri Oct 30 21:49:37 GMT 2009

Hello Hendrik,

Using the map data you supplied and the latest version of mkgmap,
mapsource can route to that destination from almost anyway (sensible).
I haven't tried using a real gps.

Sorry, I don't know what is causing the problem you are seeing.

The command I used was:

java -Xmx800m -Dlog.config=/home/markb/OSM/logging.properties -ea -jar /home/markb/OSM/mkgmap.jar --country-name=UNITED KINGDOM --country-abbr=GBR --region-name=UK --region-abbr=UK --description=A fine map --family-name=Burto Maps --gmapsupp --route --tdbfile --adjust-turn-headings --code-page=1250 --check-roundabouts --check-roundabout-flares --draw-priority=28 --remove-short-arcs --ignore-maxspeeds --latin1 --link-pois-to-ways --make-all-cycleways --max-jobs=1 --product-id=6324 --report-dead-ends=1 --road-name-pois=0x2f15 --style-file=/home/markb/OSM/mkgmap-burto-style data.osm 



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