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[mkgmap-dev] Do we write the region and/or country index wrongly? Still not able to search addresses outside of current maptile on etrex vista hcx

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Fri Oct 30 17:05:39 GMT 2009

With my etrex Vista HCx I'm still unable to search for addresses outside 
of the tile with (last) GPS fix. Also in the find address box there is 
no way to select country even though I sent two maps (Switzerland and 
Austria) to the GPS via Mapsource. With City Navigator there is allways 
the country selection box visible and has to be selected for correct 
finding of addresses / choosing street. This leads me to believe that 
something with the country index is written wrong and therefore only 
searching in current tile is possible.

Also the cities seem to be missing something, as soon as I type in a 
letter it says none found (only in address search or intersection search 
tab, in the city search tab cities are found - except those with Umlauts 
in their name).

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