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[mkgmap-dev] Exception in mkgmap r1328

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Thu Oct 29 16:08:30 GMT 2009

On 29/10/09 15:45, Nop wrote:
> No, there is no osmmap_mdr.img. There are 24 .img that were created from
> as many splitter output files in the same session. So I guess one of
> them must be incomplete. But there were no other exceptions or warnings.
> Is there a way to increase the warning level?

If you follow the instructions in:

But add the line:

You can delete or comment out any line beginning uk.me.parabola if you

You should see lines like this:
2009/10/29 16:05:55 INFO (FileInfo): Desc OSM street map
2009/10/29 16:05:55 INFO (FileInfo): Blocksize 512
2009/10/29 16:05:55 INFO (FileInfo): file 63240001.RGN
2009/10/29 16:05:55 INFO (FileInfo): file 63240001.TRE
2009/10/29 16:05:55 INFO (FileInfo): file 63240001.LBL

Report back the results if it isn't immediately obvious what is wrong
from that.


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