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[mkgmap-dev] access=no on a cycleway doesn't work?

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Thu Oct 29 14:15:42 GMT 2009

On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 02:41:25PM +0100, Valentijn Sessink wrote:
> In my neighbourhood there's a highway=cycleway that is currently blocked
> due to construction works. As the cycleway is still there (the cycleway
> itself is not under construction), I tagged it access=no. However,
> mkgmap still tries to route me over it.
> Is that because styles file saying: "highway=cycleway {add access = no;
> add bicycle = yes;"  ?

I have understood that "add" does nothing if a tag is already set, while
"set" would overwrite it.  Have you tried defining bicycle=no, foot=no
for the cycleway?

> If so, can I do anything about it? I can't figure out a way to handle
> this, but maybe I'm missing something.
> If the style file is the problem, I could imagine the following tags to
> be overwritten:
> access=no all by itself (would become access=no, bicycle=yes)
> access=no; bicycle=no (silly?) (becomes bicycle=yes)
> bicycle=no; (a bit odd, for a cycleway) (becomes bicycle=yes)
> (BTW, if the styles are the problem here, I think that more road types
> show this behaviour, there are lots of places where an existing
> "access=no" gets extended by "something=yes").

Should we perhaps introduce a mkgmap:access: family of tags and map
the "native" tags to those?  e.g.,

access=no { add mkgmap:access:foot=no; add mkgmap:access:bicycle=no; ... }
access=yes { add mkgmap:access:foot=yes; add mkgmap:access:bicycle=yes; ... }
access=destination { similar... }
bicycle=no { set mkgmap:access:bicycle=no }
bicycle=yes { set mkgmap:access:bicycle=yes }
bicycle=destination { set mkgmap:access:bicycle=yes }

Or just use the "native" tags, but explicitly translate "access" to the
vehicle-class tags and do not treat "access" specially in the core, e.g.,
access=no { add bicycle=no; add foot=no; add motorcar=no; add taxi=no; ... }

Best regards,


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