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[mkgmap-dev] NSIS patch

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Thu Oct 29 09:55:24 GMT 2009

Hi Nakor

On 28/10/09 20:51, Nakor wrote:
> Please find attached a patch that will generate a .nsi file if --nsis is
> provided on the command line. This .nsi file can be use with NSIS
> (http://nsis.sourceforge.net) to build an EXE installer for installing
> the maps with MapSource on Windows.

The thing I really like about NSIS is that you can run it on Linux too
and still generate a windows installer.  The package might not always
have an obvious name, as on Fedora the package with makensis is called
mingw32-nsis.  So I think it is something should be added.

> Known limitation: for now I assume that --index and --tdbfile were
> present on the command line. If not the installer will probably fail
> because of missing files.

Its OK to error out on a missing tdb file as that is not optional, but
you should probably detect the presence of a mdr file though and
adjust omit it from the file.  I'll have to add the ability to detect
MDR files to FileInfo.

You should also take account of the product-id too.

I will commit the patch, thanks!


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