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[mkgmap-dev] Sea tiles problem

From Clinton Gladstone clinton.gladstone at googlemail.com on Sun Oct 25 21:36:30 GMT 2009

On Oct 25, 2009, at 22:24, Toby Speight wrote:

> I've just started using the --generate-sea option, and it almost  
> works.
> The problem is that of the UK, the whole of northern Scotland (north  
> of
> a line through Stirling) is inverted - i.e. the land is blue and the  
> sea
> is light yellow (black at night).  This is inconvenient, as that's  
> where
> I live.
> What's the likely cause?

I think this option still needs to be refined. I have downloaded  
coastline extracts and specially processed them (for a separate sea  
layer), and have had similar problems. The data I was working on did  
not need to be split, so I think you can rule the splitter out as  
being part of the problem.

It seems that under certain circumstances the generate-sea option  
inverts land and sea.


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