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[mkgmap-dev] Merging few .img to gmapsupp.img - typ error.

From Ralf Kleineisel ralf at kleineisel.de on Sun Oct 25 11:11:50 GMT 2009

honny wrote:

> Well, hi, is another solution yet, than using "gmaptool"? :| Why is it
> overwriting their typ styles? :/

Do you want to join several single map tiles or several gmapsupp.img?
AFAIK a single map tile does not contain any information about the
family ID. The family ID for a given map-ID-number is in the TDB-file
(for mapsource) or in the gmapsupp's header. That's why you cannot join
4 single tiles and have two of them get family 1 and the rest family 2.
You have to create 2 gmapsupps first:

Suppose you have 4 single map tiles, tile1.img ... tile4.img. You want
tiles 1+2 to get family 1234 and 3+4 family 5678. Then you can do this
with wgmaptool:

gmt.exe -j -o fam1234.img -f 1234,1 tile1.img tile2.img
gmt.exe -j -o fam5678.img -f 5678,1 tile3.img tile4.img
gmt.exe -j -o gmapsupp.img fam1234.img fam5678.img

It does not matter which family-ID the tiles were created with in the
first place.

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