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[mkgmap-dev] amenity=embassy not handled by mkgmap ?

From Charlie Ferrero charlie at cferrero.net on Sun Oct 25 10:15:45 GMT 2009

Hendrik Oesterlin wrote:
> Hello,
> First, I would introduce myself: I am living in New Caledonia and I
> bought an Garmin nüvi 755 GPS because I have the possibility to import
> the data from openstreetmap.org. I have to travel to New Zealand next
> month, and during my last stay there I was sad of using my non-graphic
> GPS to report my position to an paper map.... especially during
> driving ;-)
> In the meantime, I got the virus and I added plenty of data to New
> Caledonia and I compiled an gmapsupp.img for NC.
> Now I noticed that an POI amenity=embassy added in OSM is not
> available in the produced gmapsupp.img (both with mkgmap v1303 et
> 1311)
> Is this an error in mkgmap?
> How can I make embassies correctly display in Garmin maps?
> Some of them are just tagged as amenity=public_building and display
> correctly on the Garmin map. But this seems to be an dirty work
> around, as the dedicated amenity=embassy exists.
Hi Hendrik,

mkgmap's default style does not create POIs for amenity=embassy.  The 
quick way to make it do so is as follows:

Within the mkgmap directory, go to the resources/styles/default folder 
and edit the points file:

Viz, add the line:
amenity=embassy [0x2c09 resolution 20 default_name 'Embassy']
to it, save and close.
This will add a building icon with a red roof (defined by the code 
0x2c09, which will appear at resolution 20, with the default name 
Embassy if no name tag is given for that node) for any node tagged with 

Now that you have edited the default style, you will need to explicitly 
call it when you next compile your map:

java -ea -jar mkgmap.jar --style-file=resources/styles/default 
mydata.osm etc

Hope that helps,


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