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[mkgmap-dev] -add-pois-to-area does not use "level"/"resolution"?

From Ben benedikt at cortado.de on Sun Oct 25 07:42:45 GMT 2009


Im facing a problem with -add-pois-to-area: The level of the derived POI 
defaults to 0!

amenity=parking exists in "points" and "polygons" in the style-directory:
points: amenity=parking [0x3f0b level 2]
polygons: amenity=parking [0x05 level 2]
("level 2" is defined as "resolution 22" in "options", in case that 
makes any difference)
0x3f0b is defined in the TYP-file as 10x10 pixel icon (because I found 
other resolution/level issues when using Garmin builtin icons)

What happens:
- A POI with amenity=parking produces a point on the map, using 0x3f0b 
visible at level 2 and below, as expected
- An area with amenity=parking produces a POI with 0x3f0b in the center 
of that polygon, only visible at level 0! (btw: when setting a specific 
name for the POI, it is picked up by the "real" POI, but not from the 
POI generated from the area)

When changing the zoom level in "points", the "real" POIs behave 
properly, the area-POIs stick to level 0.
When using "resolution" instead of "level": same result.

Why are the area-POIs not shown on higher zoom levels?
Can anyone reproduce this problem?
Or better: Give me a hint what Im missing here?


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