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[mkgmap-dev] Unable to send maps with MapSource

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at jemila.jazztel.es on Fri Oct 23 17:08:05 BST 2009

Carlos Dávila escribió:
> Steve Ratcliffe escribió:
>> On 21/10/09 14:26, Nakor wrote:
>>> How is a "region" defined? I was able to generate a pretty big map in
>>> the States and it tranferred fine to the GPS (took more than one hour
>>> thru MapSource). How can I know how many "regions" I have in there?
>> Region in the Garmin format terms is the part of the address between
>> the city and the country.  What it should actually be differs from
>> country to country.  For the States I would think it should be the
>> state.
>> For mkgmap though, as this information is typically not present in OSM,
>> there are various options and guesses that are made which I hope
>> someone who is more familiar with it will explain...
>> You can tell what has ended up as region if you search for a city then
>> you may see something like:
>> emeryville, emeryville, CA, USA
>> (The city is repeated for unknown reasons)
> This is what I've found in some limited test. I have a map with the
> following nodes:
> <node>
>     is_in:A Coruna,Galicia,Spain
>     name:Cerdido
>     place:town
> </node>
> <node>
>     is_in:Naron,A Coruna,Galicia,Spain
>     name:Pedroso
>     place:village
> </node>
> <node>
>     is_in:A Coruna,Galicia,Spain
>     name:San Sadurniño
>     place:vilage
> </node>
> Searching in the Cities tab, if I introduce any of the three names above
> in the City field and leave blank the others fields, search result is
> one entry in the form name, name, A CORUNA, ESP. If I also introduce "A
> Coruna" in the State/Province field, I get six entries for Cerdido
> (Cerdido, Cerdido, A CORUNA, ESP), two for Pedroso and one for San
> Sadurniño. Finally, if I leave blank City field and introduce "A Coruna"
> as State/Province, I get 6 Cerdido+2 Pedroso+1 San Sadurniño
Forgot to say those 6 and 2 entries are repeated and correspond to
single nodes in the map.
> Map is built with  --location-autofill=1
> I hope this information is of some usefulness.
>> In this case CA would be the region.  If mkgmap cannot determine a
>> region then you will just see city, city, country.
>> More directly if you apply the attached patch, then the list of
>> regions for each map processed will be printed.
> Sad to say that most of the names listed in my maps have nothing to do
> with actual regions. I'm afraid a lot of work on osm data is required.
> Regards,
> Carlos

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